We are a small animal rescue founded in 2014.

We are foster-based, which means the animals are cared for in home environments. The rescue is run entirely by volunteers. All donations and fundraising goes directly to the animals in our care.

  • We foster for people in hospital, and take animals whose owners have passed away.
  • We foster for people escaping domestic violence, or those in need via social workers and those facing homelessness and/or stays in accommodation where their companions cannot be with them.
  • We try to provide care and sanctuary to the animals in need and to provide education about animal welfare
  • We are very small rescue and receive no government funding – relying entirely on the kindness and goodwill of our supporters and fundraising from our amazing volunteers.
  • We have homed from Orkney to Cornwall, and specialise in helping those that no other rescues will help

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Rehoming policy.

All homes are home-checked (at present Virtual Home-Checks are being carried out due to COVID)

All animals are vaccinated, chipped and spayed/neutered.

We provide 4 weeks free insurance via PetPlan – which MUST be activated over the telephone at the time of transfer of care to an adopter.

Animals rehomed via HARC do have a ‘Lifetime Back-up’ in the event of an unexpected change in circumstances which result in an adopter no longer being able to provide care for an animal – for example home/work/family/life changes or death of an adopter where there are no immediate family to continue the care.

However once an animal is transferred to the care of an adopter, the adopter is liable for all veterinary care and bills exclusive of the adoption fee which covers the microchip, spay/neuter and initial rounds of vaccinations.

Should the ‘Lifetime Back-up’ be required, the animal will be signed back into the care of HARC.

We ask an adoption fee of £125 for a cat and  £300 for a dog.