Cats for Adoption

Please look at our cats for adoption.

Rehoming policy.

All homes are homechecked. All pets are vaccinated chipped and neutered.

We give 4 weeks free insurance and all pets have lifetime back up from us.

No pet can be given away or sold, they must be returned to the rescue if you can no longer care for them.

We charge £90 for a cat.

We give 4 weeks free insurance from petplan with all animals under 8 yrs.

This is Dora. She is a loving lady looking for a forever home. She has a stable heart condition that requires annual trips to the vets and medication (Not expensive)
Cj and her 1 year old son Quinn need a new home. The are very friendly and are bonded. Both vaccinated and neutered. They are  in ScotlandWe give 4 weeks free insurance from petplan with all animals under 8 yrs.


Bella is very nervous and will bite if scared. She is 8 now and wants to be loved. Needs a quiet home and lots of patience

Oscar is 4 yrs old. Sounds like a hippo when he breathes as he had very bad cat flu as a baby, that destroyed bones in his nose. He needs to be an indoor cat, and an only cat as a bit of a bully. He needs lots of patience and a very quiet house, as not yet into cuddles.

Spike is 5 and is being treated for chronic diarrhoea. he may need to be on sensitive food. Very loving boy but not at all keen on kids. Used to a quiet home.

Lilo is 3 yrs old. She does not like the child in the family and would like a quieter home. She is an independant lady who does not like being picked up, but she is very friendly and affecionate. She likes to go out so needs a safe quiet area to live in.


We  have Felix – a tuxedo boy -(no photo yet) He is 4 years old and  would like to be the only cat.