Cats for Adoption/Foster


Rehoming policy.

All homes are homechecked. All pets are vaccinated chipped and neutered.

We give 4 weeks free insurance and all pets have lifetime back up from us.

No pet can be given away or sold, they must be returned to the rescue if you can no longer care for them.

We ask for a minimum donation of £125 for a cat under 9 years old. Cats over 9 Years old we ask for a minimum of £90. Any extra you can add goes to the care of other animals who need more help.

If you wish to adopt our home check form is here:

We are looking for fosterers/homes for the following cats:
Our Adoption/home check form is on our page Apply to Foster, adopt or Sponsor a pet, please complete this if you wish to adopt any of our pets.


Our Foster Application form is on our page Apply to Foster, adopt or Sponsor a pet page.  Please complete this if you wish to adopt any of our pets.

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Here are the cats we have available:

Rosie and Ruby  – looking for a forever home – can be separated as not bonded pair

These 2 cats are currently in foster together after arriving with HARC due to their previous human passing away. They are looking for their forever home  -or homes – these ladies lived together previously but are quite content doing their own thing and do not have to be rehomed together.
Rosie pink collar. 8. Likes to hide. Fuss on her terms but when she does it can be for hours. Dried cat food makes her sick but all other wet food ok. likes to spend time on her own. Very much a loner.
Ruby red collar. Age 8 sister of Rosie. Would sit all day padding cushions, blankets, jumpers, anything. She likes to be on her own from her sister too. She is a cute panther! Again dried food doesn’t agree with her but all wet food is ok.

Sam – looking for forever home – currently in foster

Sam is a tabby and white male who had been on the streets for some time. He had lost weight and one of the numerous humans who cared for him during these years managed to get him safely into our care. He has since gained weight back, although does have some teeth missing and eats wet food only.
He needs a safe, calm and secure forever home with humans who will love him for who he is and accept him on his terms.