Dogs for Adoption/foster

Rehoming policy.

All homes are homechecked. All pets are vaccinated chipped and neutered.

We give 4 weeks free insurance and all pets have lifetime back up from us.

No pet can be given away or sold, they must be returned to the rescue if you can no longer care for them.

We ask for a minimum donation of  £300 for a dog. Any extra goes towards the care of other animals in need of help.

Our Adoption/home check form is on our page Apply to Foster, adopt or Sponsor a pet, please complete this if you wish to adopt any of our pets.
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Our Foster Application form is on our page Apply to Foster, adopt or Sponsor a pet page.  Please complete this if you wish to adopt any of our pets.

If you can help us by fostering them you can download the fostering form.

We are looking for homes for the following dogs:

Bambi – in foster looking for a permanent home

Bambi is 11 yrs .Looking for new home. His owner passed away.
Bambi has been fostered by us for around two months, he is very loving and loves nothing more than nudging your hand for attention and curling up on your lap he loves to have his tummy tickled and belly rubs. Bambi absolutely loves walks and would ideally be walked twice a day. he can be very reactive to other dogs whilst on the lead however off the lead he’s much better although he could do with some further work on this. His recall also needs some more work but he does love to be let off wherever possible, bambi can also pull whilst on the lead so further work will need to be done. The vet has advised he will potentially develop arthritis in his back legs and sometimes struggles to jump on furniture this is managed with calpol currently.
Bambi can be very noisy when new people come in to the home but if he is ignored he soon settles down. He currently lives with four children aged between 12-17 and he interacts well with much younger visiting children. Bambi is very fussy with food and currently only eats chicken breast and rice, he loves to be around the people he lives with and is always very excited when we come through the door. Bambi is fine to be left for a few hours with no accidents in the house. Bambi has little interest in toys but does like to play chase with his humans. When he does find a toy he likes he’s very protective of it and doesn’t like anyone to try and play with him. he will growl in warning if he feels you are too close to his toy. He is a wonderful happy little dog and would love to find his forever home.


Bow is a 6-year-old Patterdale cross. She is very timid at times so needs a quiet home with someone who is at home most of the time. Although Bow is a very sweet and laid-back dog half of the time, she does love to run around and play with toys so would need an owner who is able to do this. She loves being on the sofa so someone who is comfortable with this would be ideal. She is crate trained and happy to sleep in it with the door open.
Bow is not good around cats and small creatures, and she barks at other dogs while on walks. she walks well on a lead most of the time, she never goes off lead as she has a high prey drive. She has been very good around visitors, including children, but slow introductions are advised as she did show aggression on one occasion. Bow shows no sign of food or toy aggression and knows to be patient when being given a toy for treat.
What bow needs:
• Someone who is home most of the time
• Lots of attention
• Patience – she is slow to learn but gets there in the end
• Pet free home
• A secure garden – she will try to escape
Behaviours to be aware of:
• She can be mouthy when playing but not aggressive
• High prey drive
• At times very disobedient when outdoors so needs to work on this.
Patterdales generally do not like other dogs, so needs to be an only pet.