Happy Endings…

Poor Molly old and dumped in a pound. She would have been pts. She is a permanent foster and keeps fred company. He thought he was too old to have his own dog in case he died. He also worried about vet bills. The answer, a foster dog as we pay the bills. He is on his second dog now and molly is a fat wee happy girl now

Jakes owner died. He is 16 but found his best home. Has lots of adventures. Please think about adopting an old dog
Charlie whose spine was severely twisted. A well known vet did sn amazing job fixing him, and he was adopted. Complete with training wheels as we did not get him soon enough to prevent damage.
Hope the beagle is a permanent foster as an older lady who just never got chosen
Tallulah had to have her eyes removed before she was adopted. She had had an infection before her eyes opened, causing them not to develop properly. She never got any vet help, and for 18 months, her whole life, every blink scratched her eyeballs. The pain must have been so bad, yet she was a sweet friendly girl.
Thank you to Elliott . He took a scared not socialised dog, and gave her love and patience. So great to see them
Great to see the wee souls we have helped. When I see them so happy with fantastic homes and owners. Thank you


Tinkerbelle was 17 yrs old with no teeth, deaf, and probsbly thyriod or kidney disease or both. She was very frail.
She had been left behind when her owners moved, and had no way to frnd gor herself so was literally starving to death.

Luckily thanks to wonderful foster carers, she had a few weeks being warm, loved, fed as much as she wanted, or all the yummy chicken she could wish for.

Wonderful new family for Rosie the 7 yr old staffy. Sooooo happy, the most fabulous home.
Christmas 2020
DFS Via Therese Hayes donated wonderful Christmas presents for the animals inner care. We are so grateful