Your help is needed this Easter

Could you spare us the price of an Easter egg and give a pet the chance to be reunited with their owner?

We have had so many requests for help with  pets whose owners are ill or unable to care for their pets temporarily, The heartbreaking thing is that these pets are lost forever to their owners as the big organisations make them sign their pets over forever.  Sadly many old animals with problems are just put to sleep.

We return the pets to their families and do not charge for helping and have fostered many animals and returned them to their owners through the pandemic.

We also rehome older animals. So many old and sick animals are just dumped. Nearly every one fo these pets has helped has needed major veterinary help.

Blood tests to determine causes of illness run at £500 for the full kidneys thyriod, FIV FeLv tests and nearly all the older ones needs dental attention, which starts at around  £300 .

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